Sunday 28 November 2021
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
    CMS OGS UK Branch Vibrant alumni association with members being more dedicated, and ever so committed to the cause and to the School
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
    CMS OGS UK Branch We are committed to establishing a platform that fosters collaboration, social inclusion and interaction
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
    CMS OGS UK Branch We have also established the Members Confidential Support Initiative to address and assist our members in dealing with any challenges that life throws at them
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
    CMS OGS UK Branch Growing the OGS UK membership base is a central feature of the current executive officer’s activities
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
    CMS OGS UK Branch We have also provided a solid foundation for the new executives to build upon.
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
    CMS OGS UK Branch These passionate Grammarians have worked tirelessly to give the OGS UK the recognition it deserves
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
  • CMS OGS UK Branch
  • CMS OGS UK Branch

About OGS UK

The CMS OGS (UK) Branch was initially coordinated by the following members – Kola Akinwale, Anthony Onabanjo, Akin Oguntuga and Wole Oguntuga. The group got together in April 2003 at Smollensky's in Finchley North London and constantly met to collate the list of Grammarians known to each individual in the UK.

It was then decided that the first meeting of the larger group should be held in June 2003 which coincided with the month of the school's founder's day.

These four members rallied round Grammarians across the UK to hold the first Official Meeting of CMS Grammar School Old Boys Association On 21st June 2003 at Michael Faleye's residence in Northolt, Middlesex.

The Grammarians who attended the first meeting were: Abiodun Fabowale, Oladipo Sarumi, Tosin Ogundele, Lanre Peters, Oni Sunday, Akin Oguntuga, Remi Sofowora, Olufemi Osiguwa, Anthony Onabanjo, Toks Browne, Toks Ajetunmobi, Omasan Kutatsem, Dare Ashaye, Seye Gureje, Wole Oguntuga, Kola Akinwale, Akin Bello, Kehinde Tella, Michael Akin Faleye, Ajibola Oyeyinka (late), Yemi Fagbenro, Femi Ajibade.

At the meeting, a Steering Committee was inaugurated to prepare for the election of officers and manage the affairs of the OGS UK in the interim. Wole Oguntuga, Toks Browne, Kehinde Tella, Kola Akinwale, Yemi Fagbenro, Anthony Onabanjo, Biodun Fabowale were nominated to the committee.

On 18th October 2003, the following Grammarians were elected as the first set of executives for a 2 year term as stated in the adopted constitution of September 2003:

Wole Oguntuga – President
Kola Akinwale – Sec Gen
Kehinde Tella - Asst Sec Gen
Anthony Onabanjo – Financial Sec
Gboyega Adepegba – Social Secretary
Pastor Omasan – Chief Whip
Akin Oguntuga – Publicity Secretary
Peter Adeyemi – Auditor
Lanre Peters – Ex Officio

Since the first meeting, the society has consistently grown, against all odds to a membership of hundreds of old students and is still growing. We meet regularly on scheduled basis at individual member's homes to deliberate, plan and take actions to improve self, our alma mater and of course impact our community, whilst we move the association forward.
The CMS OGS (UK) is a registered concern, guided by a constitution and a memorandum of association. In recognition of our dedication to service at the CMS OGS (UK), and for keeping the fires of our alma mater burning brightly ever, we were awarded the slot of the 4th Vice President at the National level of the CMS OGS in Nigeria and some of our members in the UK have been recipients of OGS merit awards. In 2009, Wole Oguntuga, the first President was awarded the merit award, in 2010 Dr Seyi Adefowope was awarded and in 2011, Mr Akinwale, the first Secretary General was awarded the prestigious award.

Since inception some of the projects the OGS UK have embarked upon include

  • The donation of over 250 books for the replenishment of the school library in 2003.
  • The donation of 17 computers to complement the establishment of the computer Laboratory in 2004
  • The OGS UK supported the School Chapel Collaboration Project with a donation of ½ million naira in 2006
  • In 2009/2010 the OGS UK embarked on the total refurbishment of the form 2 block, a project that cost the UK Branch over £10,000.

To the glory of God, the UK branch has been growing in strength due to the commitment of several members and since inception has ensured that the Lagos founders' day event registers the presence of members of the UK Branch.

The UK Branch has also been a great pillar of support in ensuring that the USA branch was set up based on lessons learnt from the UK Branch. At the USA inauguration, the UK was ably represented to support our USA brothers.

Prior to the 2009 elections, it was unanimously agreed that the executives be reduced to five members and if necessary sub committees can be set up. We currently have 5 elective positions - The President, Secretary General, Financial Secretary, Social Secretary and Welfare/Publicity Secretary.